Zwart Licht #2:
A Conversation w/ Deborah Jack & Quinsy Gario  

For this second edition of Zwart Licht, we are honored to be joined by artists Deborah Jack and Quinsy Gario. One resides in New Jersey and has exhibited extensively in the United States, while the other lives in Amsterdam and is one of the most prominent artist in the Netherlands.

St. Maarten binds them together. The island, part of the Caribbean and Windward Islands, greatly influences their work through its landscape, weather, and hurricanes—elements central to Deborah Jack's art. St. Maarten consists of a Dutch part and a French part, with English as its main language. Language is a primary subject and medium that shapes Quinsy Gario’s research and practice.

What space do artists make for themselves? What’s in a language? Considering that the colonial connections, history, and current configurations significantly impact the present, what paths and artistic trajectories do people view as viable? Together we will reflect on the dynamic contributes to why the vibrant art scene on the island is not always visible in the Netherlands—an issue we aim to address with this event.

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