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Metro54 presents Weโ€™re Out Here, a Metro54 intervention @ Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

Weโ€™re Out Here is an ode to street guerrilla poster culture by Metro54. Graphic design curator Thomas Castro invited Metro54 to show the project at Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, and we decided to turn it into an intervention.
Weโ€™re Out Here initially took place in the streets of Amsterdam in September 2020, as part of the first iteration of A Funeral for Street Culture. In the homage the visual language of the counterculture takes center stage: ‘To whom does the street belong’? ‘Who is allowed to use public space in times of duress and privatisation?’
The designers produced posters that respond to everyday struggles, micro-aggressions and encounters between people and cultures that make up our public space.

Within the context of the museum the question of what and who controls the public domain shifts but remains poignant. The posters are placed in a liminal space and quite literally feel as though theyโ€™re coming from โ€˜out thereโ€™. From an indeterminate space that exists between exhibitions, histories and visual languages. In doing so, they also ask, โ€˜What does it mean to be placed near an institutionalised graphic design canon where only a few people of color are represented?โ€™

Designers Lydienne Albertoe, Serana Angelista, Jeanine van Berkel and Cengiz Mengรผรง explore these questions through their works that could previously be seen on the streets of Amsterdam.

Picture: Jeanine van Berkel