This Window is World

  • Date: October 15 2021
  • Location: Van Woustraat
  • Event type: Exhibition

This Window is World’ opened on Friday 15 October2021 on the Van Woustraat. In ‘This Window is A World’ we zoom into everyday spaces such as the barbershop, coffeeshop and snackbar and their importance for communities as sites of temporal belonging and cultural production .Sites that spark our imagination and ensure that the public space remains a place for collective and intergenerational memory of the city. It is here we catch anecdotes, stories, jokes, politics, banter, violence and laughter. And for the first time since last year, we present a group show in communal spaces, shops and public space in our neighborhood de Pijp— interlaced with series of public events hosted by guest programmer Gyonne Goedhoop.

This Window is a World presents the interventions and works of artists and designers Siomara van Bochove, Julius Thissen, Nadine Stijns, Cengiz Mengüç and Yessica Deira, local entrepreneurs and neighbors. Each artist/designer created or connected a work/intervention to a space to highlight the importance of these places as sources of cultural expression, sharing information about politics, everyday life, play and gossip—interconnecting these spaces as temporal exhibition.