This Sonic Lecture Is A Vibe


‘Why do sound and music move us so powerfully? And if we know they do, why  don't we use them more purposefully?’ 
- The Decolonial Archive collective 

This Sonic Lecture is A Vibe is a bi-monthly series of sonic lectures, performances, talks and radio shows about piracy, remix culture, ownership and street culture. For this series, Metro54 invites various artists, DJs, writers, thinkers and organizers. During a series of six live events (digital or physical), perspectives, ideas, histories and experiments will be shared, around questions such as: what does it mean to relate to immaterial concepts and attitudes such as 'vibe' and 'coolness'? What roles do such (im)material concepts play in cultural, and artistic productions and practices? And how is this expressed within urban arts & culture or society? 

This Sonic Lecture Is A V