Tending Grief w/ Camille Barton
An Explorative Workshop on Deep Listening & Grief

Grief tending enables us to feel more; to care about the world we inhabit”

Join us next Monday, April 29th, at the Metro54 space for a much-needed exploration of grief with Camille Barton.

Grief walks with many of us, interlinked with the ways our worlds and communities move and stemming from the ways in which they affect us. It walks with us through various times, and specifically in this moment. At the same time, we live in a culture that suppresses our ability to truly feel our grief—deeply, safely, and on our own terms.

Fresh off the release of their newly published book “Tending Grief: Embodied Rituals for Holding Our Sorrow and Growing Cultures of Care in Community,” Camille will make space with us to share the themes of the book(the loss of displacement from homelands, the grief of colonization and theft and more), lead some embodied practices and share some exercises. There will be a Q&A session as well.

Camille Barton, a Social Imagineer and catalyst for social change, will lead us through an insightful journey. Dedicated to creating networks of care and livable futures, Their work spans across various roles as an artist, facilitator, consultant, and curator, focusing on embodied social justice, grief, pleasure, and drug policy.

Rooted in Black feminism, ecology, and harm reduction, they employ creativity alongside embodied practices to foster cultural shifts in diverse fields, from psychedelic-assisted therapy to arts education. Certified in the Resilience Toolkit, an embodiment framework for stress navigation and resilience enhancement, Camille embodies a commitment to addressing systemic conditions that perpetuate harm.

🔥Date: 29 April 2024
🔥Time: 19:00
🔥Location: Westerdoksdijk 597
🔥Entrance: Free

Please send an rsvp to rsvp@metro54.nl if you want to join us.