Sonic Lecture w/ Atiyyah Khan :
South African Jazz, Resistance and the Liberation of Palestine  

Atiyyah Khan presents ‘South African jazz, resistance and the liberation of Palestine’. In this sonic lecture, South African journalist, researcher and DJ, Atiyyah Khan, takes us  through the history of black music under apartheid. In particular, she talks about how South African jazz musicians resisted apartheid forces and law, which will be examined through her record collection. The presentation will discuss the solidarity work in South Africa for Palestine and the connections that bring the two liberation struggles together. 

Atiyyah Khan is an arts journalist, writer, cultural worker, DJ, sound researcher and cratedigger, originally from Johannesburg but based in Cape Town. For the past 16 years, she has documented arts and culture in South Africa and her work has been published in major publications in South Africa and abroad. Common themes in her work focus on topics like spatial injustice, untold stories of apartheid, jazz history and underground art movements.

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🔥Date: 20  June 2024
🔥Tijd:  19:00
🔥Location: Westerdoksdijk 597
🔥Entrance: Free