Sonic Intimacies Weekender  

Metro54 and Kanaal40 present the Sonic Intimacies Weekender, a series of conversations, performances, workshops, (art)works, a symposium and a club night taking place at Metro54 and Kanaal40 from November 9 to November 12, 2023. Join us for this four-day gathering that moves and attunes to the role of sound as a means to empower self-determination and narrate stories about everyday histories, intimacy, social life, politics, futures, (non)beings, and inner life worlds. 

What space remains for Black and other marginalized sonic presences in public space and the public domain? In what ways are notions such as surveillance, gentrification, and white innocence constantly reshaping, commodifying, and erasing (sonic) memory and ownership of marginalized communities? Who is the ghostwriter of pop culture? Who is vibing to a world without police? Who is sounding the alarm, producing and moving to the beats of life? 

Together, we unpack the (low-fi) technologies, stories, and spaces people have adapted/created for themselves to sustain alternative and joyous practices of togetherness, art, intimacy, imagination, and community. It is an invitation to immerse ourselves in the vibes and the energy of stories, attuning to their lifeworlds – transcending language, culture, and geographies. 

Sonic Intimacies Weekender brings together sounds, art, performances, music, and critical conversations that attune to our laughter, losses, regrets, memories, chaos, annoyances, dreams, kikis, blackouts, and desires to create intimacy in these times of duress. 

Metro54 and Kanaal40 invite artists, poets, designers, thinkers, and hustlers to share and amplify intimate stories, fabulation, humor, dance, silence, and songs that emerge from (art), cultural, and sonic practices to address the politics of intergenerational sound and music cultures during this Sonic Intimacies Weekender.


Thursday 9 November
7pm until 9pm
Sounds like a Black Love Affair with conversation and sounds by Lynnée Denise and Mo Laudi

Friday 10 November
7pm until 9pm
Echo & Decay: an evening on Black Technologies & Sciences
with performances & conversation with NKISI and Jazzmon under “MBI-LA”, X14 and Lauren Duffus

10pm onwards:
Club Night

Saturday 11 November:
Sounding this World: an intimate site for study

A Sonic Gathering with workshops, talks, performances, conversation with contributions by thinkers, doers, activists and artists

2pm until 5pm
A site of study 1: sonic histories and strategies of resistance
With Malcolm James, Leila Rufus, Vincent van Velsen, Alexine Gabriela

7pm Black Autonomy: when and how?
With contributions by Jean-Hugues Kabuiku, Mathys Rennela, Kanaal40 and Raziyah Heath. 

Sunday 12 November:

2pm until 3.30pm
 A talk with Joy White 

3.30pm until 5pm 
A listening session with Mimi