Say My Name, Say My Name: 
On their pills
Lecture Performance by Tewa Barnosa

In this performance transmuting stories & statements into poetry and spoken words, Tewa Barnosa vocalizes open-court/open-fire oral evidences into live recitations of personal and community testimonies, interrogating violence around street cultures, institutional facilities, club spaces, clinical hospitalization & other legal apocalyptic procedures. The performance triggers multilayered warnings of AfroArab war-laboratories, narrating exiled & isolated perspectives around taboos.

Expanding on the recitation performance (On their pills) Barnosa presents several excerpts and experiments composed of visual materials that explores the poetic potential of virtual caligraffiti using a VR game simulation, focusing on the act of writing on the walls, the languages and socio-political and historical references she is researching, while establishing an archive of street vandalism found in Libya and carried diasporically since 2019 onwards, those writings on the walls transmits abundance of emotions and events shaping a collective mental landscape navigating troubled wars of Tripoli, brutal streets of Berlin and the a-political institutions of Amsterdam. Tewa will also engage in conversation witt Hilda Moucharrafieh during this evening.

Tewa Barnosa (b.1998) is a Trans-disciplinary artist and curator, based between troubled Tripoli and a-political Amsterdam, her artistic practice spans across trajectories of visual arts, literature, sound and curatorial collaborations, Grounded in critical curiosity- and intuitive based knowledge reinterpretation and re-production(s), She constructs surreal scenographies that navigate the intricacies of contradiction, extremity, and the evasive realm of transitional “in-between” physical and psychological spaces. Through recontextualization of source materials, generated fictions and mythologies or investigated archives, she unveils and repositions fragments of evidence concerning human alienation and socio-ecological turbulence, frequently intersecting with the thematic constructs and frameworks of war laboratories and the violations of cognitive and cultural means of resistance.

Barnosa’s body of work consists of audio-visual installations, video loops, sound essays, calligraphy, poetic texts, digital drawings, expanded paintings and objects that are her tools and toys for investigating taboos & territories on the margins, Evidently informed by experiential engagement within cycles of repetitive revolutions and the tumultuous embrace of civil unrest, her curatorial methodology centers around collaborative processes such as exhibition projects, publishing, space-making, and public interventions to facilitate nomadic infrastructures of co-creation and conversations.

Hilda Moucharrafieh (The NarrativeCollective) is an artist, tutor and cultural practitioner based in Amsterdam. Through her artistic research practice, she makes artistic interventions in public space with mediums that are site-specific and stemming from research. Her work tells stories of people that are excluded from the dominant narratives, which are not reflected in the designed spaces of the city, its public squares and historical monuments. She often collaborates with friends and artists with aligned political and social values yet of different experiences. In her recent autonomous and collaborative projects, she has worked on issues of gentrification and exclusion of dissident voices from the public sphere, capitalist extraction of natural resources in the South Globe, and the impact of self-learning algorithms used by life insurance companies on assessing life value in a neoliberal market economy.

💥Date: Thursday 08 February 2024
💥Time: 7pm
💥Location: Westerdoksdijk 597
💥Entrance: free

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