Say My Name, Say My Name: 
Beyond The Excess
Conversations on Black Femininities

In this evening we will attempt to explore the multifaceted expressions of black femininities from diverse localities and positionalities. Drawing inspiration from Jillian Hernandez's exploration in her book "The Aesthetics of Excess," our event delves into the presentation, performance, and reception of black femininities, transcending geographical boundaries.

This program will make space for dialogue between various practitioners, each contributing to the rich tapestry of black femininities. The evening unfolds as an open conversation among artists who navigate the intersections of race, gender, and class. Together, we aim to dissect societal norms and challenge stereotypical views surrounding the aesthetic choices of black (diasporic) women. Guests include one of the artists whose work is currently a part of the Say My Name show: Roxane Mbanga. In her work "Traverser la tempête," she uses her camera to freeze moments in Dakar, shedding light on the lived experiences of Senegalese women. The piece serves as an exploration into the complex interplay between the gaze of others and the perception of female bodies. 

As we explore the dynamics of presentation, performance, and reception, we seek to understand the ways in which black femininities are shaped and contested within different localities, spanning West Africa and Europe. This inclusive dialogue invites participants to reflect on the diverse narratives that emerge when examining the intersections of black femininities. As we collectively navigate the intricacies of cultural production, performance, and representation, we aim to celebrate the resilience, creativity, and agency of black women in shaping their identities.

💥Date: Thursday 01 February 2024
💥Time: 7pm
💥Location: Westerdoksdijk 597
💥Entrance: free

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