Say My Name, Say My Name: 
ALL DAY, EVERY DAY- a market for killjoy beings with shops, stories, jewelry and design

Come join us for the "ALL DAY, EVERY DAY- - shops, stories, jewelry, and design," the grand outro of the Say My Name, Say My Name! This market is a gathering of minds, artisans beings, designers, makers who dabble and trade in ornaments, aesthetic modifications, and joy. Highlighting, unique pieces that celebrate a multiplicity of cultures and stories— from bespoke jewelry to avant-garde designs, and more. The day will include pieces from L’Enchanteur, Goldie, a makeup workshop by Timothy Aarons and more to be announced in the upcoming days. Lastly there will be food, drinks and sounds to fuel us ALL DAY EVERYDAY.

Timothy will be able to do 4 demo’s during his time at the market. If you’d like for him to doll you up please sign up for one of the demos through

💥Date: Sunday 11 February 2024
💥Time: 12pm -5pm
💥Location: Westerdoksdijk 597
💥Entrance: free

Please rsvp by sending an email to: