Sonic Intimacies: Sounds Like A Black Love Affair

An evening dedicated to sound, sonic histories and stories. Sonic Intimacies is about the the way we relate to each other, to vibration, sonicity, sonic cultures and the alternative politics that have animated Black social life. Sounds like a Black Love Affair opens with a reading by artist and writer Ada M. Peterson, followed by a conversation with curator, artist and sound magician Mo Laudi, and DJ scholar, writer and researcher Lynnee Denise— interweaving music videos, references, and sonic documents.

Date: Thursday, November 09, 2023
Time: 19 :00
Location: Warmoesstraat 66 , Amsterdam
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Sonic Intimacies Weekender is a four-day gathering that moves and attunes to the role of sound as a means to empower self-determination and narrate stories about everyday histories, intimacy, social life, politics, futures, (non)beings, and inner life worlds.

Ada Patterson:
Ada M. Patterson is an artist and writer based between Barbados, London and Rotterdam. She works with masquerade, performance, poetry, textiles and video, looking at the ways storytelling can limit, enable and complicate identity formation. Her recent work considers grief, elegy writing and archiving as tools for disrupting the disappearance of communities queered by different experiences of crisis. 

Mo Laudi:
Mo Laudi (Ntshepe Tsekere Bopape) is a multi-disciplinary artist, composer, DJ, Stellenbosch University research fellow, the first South African Black curator to curate a group exhibition in Paris. He is inspired by African knowledge systems, post-apartheid transitionalism, international and underground subcultures. His boundary-blurring investigations find expression through experiments with sound as
material and sonic landscapes, painting, collage, sculpture, installations, video and performance as socio-political critiques of society. He is known for his Globalisto philosophy and his key contributions to Afro-Electronic music. His process delves into archives and seeks to evoke healing, the notion of rest, communal connections, deep listening, care and repair.

Lynnée  Denise:
A global practitioner of sound, language, and Black Atlantic thought, Lynnée Denise is an Amsterdam-based writer and interdisciplinary artist from Los Angeles, California. Shaped by her parent’s record collection and the 1980s, Denise’s work traces and foregrounds the intimacies of underground nightclub movements, music migration, and bass culture in the African Diaspora. She coined the term DJ Scholarship in 2013, which explores how knowledge is gathered, interpreted, and produced through a conceptual and theoretical framework, shifting the role of the DJ from a party purveyor to an archivist and cultural worker. A doctoral student in the Department of Visual Culture at the Goldsmiths University of London, Denise’s research contends with how iterations of sound system culture construct a living archive and refuge for a Black queer diaspora.

Image description: Women at a bashment in Waterhouse, Kingston. Image from the OUCH Archive, bequeathed to Akeem Smith. Chromogenic print, date and photographer unknown. Courtesy of Akeem Smith and Red Bull Arts.