About Metro54

Metro54 is a space for global sonic, cultural and artistic practices, gathering(s), (un)learning, histories, grassroots community work, spatial politics and transformative justice.Together with artists, thinkers, activists, neighbors, writers and hustlers Metro54 organizes pluriversal programs, exhibition projects, collaborations, listening sessions, weekenders, research projects, conversations and take-overs.


Since 2009 Metro54 has taken on many different shapes, forms and methodologies. We have organized festivals, (street)exhibitions, radio-shows, insta-lives, (group)shows, installations, zines, manifestations, experiments and gatherings. In the early years, from 2010 to 2012, our projects  mainly took place in Amsterdam Zuid-Oost and greater Amsterdam. Where we organized festivals, club nights, rap-cyphers, exhibitions, block parties and the public art festival Art Bomb.

In 2015 Metro54 decided to shift focus and centralize the experimental spirit of the platform, and work across various spatial contexts in the Netherlands. We initiated and realized projects in Rotterdam (Blueprint; Whose Urban Appropriation Is This?), Eindhoven (This is a Take-Over: Researching Remix) and Amsterdam (Funeral for Street Culture, We Out Here, This Window is a World, Breathing in Babylon).


  • Damiana de Windt 
  • Lydienne Albertoe
  • Amal Alhaag
  • Qiaochu Guo
  • Thierno Deme
  • Raziyah Heath
  • Yvonique Wellen

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