Say My Name, Say My Name: 
A Homage To Disporic Street Culture, Art, and Aesthetics

Say My Name Say My Name celebrates the poetics of everyday cultural objects – an homage to the street, to culture, to the classed and racialized people that create, remix, dismantle objects that amplify (his)stories of ordinary lives. The nameplates, grillz or nailart— those quiet keepers of memories and holders of minor histories.

In a world shaped by the relentless grip of racial capitalism, where psychological, spiritual, and (im)material impacts abound, scholar Kevin Quashe underlines that “ there is no end to the condition of coloniality and captivity—no end, but there is life in the midst and aftermath of those interminable conditions.” How do everyday objects and their stories offer alternative meaning to heritage and embody archives? 

As political, cultural, and subversive design objects find their way into the racial capitalist market machinery of contemporary art, design, and fashion, how do we hold on to their meaning and politics? Say My Name is a convergence of artistic works, public programs, workshops, and film screenings that amplify, question, and center the ratchet politics, subversive strategies, and artistic imagination forged by artists, activists, organizers, and designers.

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