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An ode to everyday urbanism; from the Toko to the nail salon

Metro54 and Concrete Blossom present the three-day program FOR THE CULTURE that reflects on the stories, art, issues and design of everyday architecture and its influence on contemporary street culture and popular culture. Together with designers, artists, neighbors, activists and city makers, Metro54and Concrete Blossom look into the worlds, creative expressions and narratives that celebrate and critically engage with the relationship between street culture, everyday social life and urbanism.

Current city policy and its developments in Rotterdam are causing rapid and painful changes that affect the public environment on the streets, its residents, entrepreneurs and makers in all sorts of ways, as a result of which the current public spaces and micro-ecosystems such as barber shops, laundromats, night shops or the toko are gradually disappearing from those streets. By examining the relationship between street culture, policy and everyday spaces, FOR THE CULTURE focuses on the power struggle that is reflected in the city and the public space.

Metro54 x Concrete Blossom: Everyday urbanism
Which codes, knowledge, references and expressions from street culture nurture creativity and shape the architecture of a city such as Rotterdam? How do the different functions of the night shop, nail salon, laundromat, cigar shop or hairdresser influence meeting places for creativity and cultural production?

These questions are central during the program with workshops, exhibition, talks, performances and city walks. Join us for the kick-off of our 2019 program and tell all your friends to bring their friends.

FOR THE CULTURE reflects on everyday, invisible public places, factories and micro-networks that feed the city with creativity, inventiveness and cultural productions from street culture and popular culture. The program unfolds at informal meeting places such as night shops, barber shops, nail salons, laundromats, and community-centers in Rotterdam West with contributions from local residents, designers, hustlers, city-makers, artists, rappers and architects.