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MCs eavesdrop, though they need not to sneak
My poetry’s deep, I never fell
Nas’ raps should be locked in a cell; it ain’t hard to tell (Nas, It Ain’t Hard To Tell)

Film screening of the Blackboard, a documentary that highlights the difficulties of being black and skater within communities across the United States.

Reflecting Cities is a series of screenings at various locations in Amsterdamโ€” focusing on the relationship between contemporary and marginalized urban culture and film. Reflecting Cities showcases stories from the peripheries and inner cities which question and bring issues such as police brutality, identity and representation and self-determination to the forefront.

Together with guest speakers, filmmakers and audiencesย Metro54ย &ย Full Color Entertainmentย share stories, findings and examples in which contemporary urban culture is shaping new, alternative cinematic narratives.

Reflecting Cities #2 is a special screening of Time Is Illmatic – a documentary delving into the making of Nas’ 1994 debut album, Illmatic, and the social conditions that influenced its creation. See you on Wednesday 12 July at 9 pm at the Tolhuistuin.

More Info:
Wednesday 12 July 2017
Film Screening Nas: Time is Illmatic
Tolhuistuin, Amsterdam
Time: 9pm
Language: English