On Black Cinepoetics    

As we approach the closing of Julianknxx’s “Chorus in Rememory of Flight”,  we invite all our friends, fam, homies and strangers to come vibe with us on May 25 for the closing of the Julianknxx solo show. 

We invited filmmaker Ebenezer Blanche, film curator Lyse Ishimwe, and Julianknxx to discuss filmmaking as a new language and Black Cinepoetics overall.  There will also be a final screening moment to watch the film together.

RSVP via rsvp@metro54.nl 

🔥Date: 25 May 2024
🔥Tijd:  19:00
🔥Location: Westerdoksdijk 597
🔥Entrance: Free

Lyse Ishimwe  
Lyse Ishimwe is a film curator and photographer. Lyse is currently based in Belgium where she founded Recognition in 2016. Recognition is a Brussels-based initiative with the aim of increasing the visibility of African and African diaspora art, literature and culture via community-based film screenings. In her work for this project, Lyse curates a film program that takes place at art and cultural spaces in various cities across Europe. Lyse currently works at IFFR as a programmer for Features & Short films. Previously, she was a film consultant for the Berlinale Forum.

Ebeneza Blanche 
Ebeneza Blanche  is a multidisciplinary filmmaker who is quickly becoming a household name in the world of music videos, fashion, advertising, and film.  Ebeneza is most known for his music video for Little Simz “Point & Kill.”  Ebeneza’s intuitive feel with where to place the camera and how to tell a story makes every one of the characters in his films lovable. He thrives in the specificity of the filmmaking details from the casting, location, styling, and performance. He brings his tacit knowledge of his lived experiences, creating a singular body of work that will stand the test of time.

Julianknxx is a poet, artist and filmmaker. The polyphonic nature of Julianknxx’s work is indicative of his expansive practice, which is rooted in poetry but extends into performance, film, music and sculpture. Born in Freetown, Sierra Leone, Julianknxx draws on his personal experiences to broaden perspectives on the history and culture of Africa and its diasporas. Inspired by oral history traditions and working with a distinctive aesthetic approach, his films invite us to consider how we construct both local and global narratives, while reflecting on how it feels to exist in liminal spaces.