Locker Room Talks with Afaina de Jong, Charlie Koolhaas and Brendan McGetrick  

    Date: 7 July 2017 from 19:00 to 21:00


    Event Type: Talk

    When Donald Trump was caught on tape boasting about grabbing pussy, his defense was that it was simply ‘locker room talk’… And with that the divorce between our personal lives and our professional and social responsibilities became official. And so now that we can no longer be held accountable for our secrets because we live in the age of leaks, fake news and virtual identities, what new private realms become public and which public personas can be privately explored?

    In ‘Locker Room talks’ we want to afford artists, designers, writers and academics the same freedom that the American president has – in order to create an honest discussion about the nature of the creative process and the sources of inspiration in global culture.

    ‘Locker Room talks’ is hosted by architect Afaina de Jong and visual artist Charlie Koolhaas with invited guest: writer and curator Brendan McGetrick. This is part of the public program that is curated alongside the exhibition project BLUEPRINT: Whose urban appropriation is this? at TENT Rotterdam. The project is curated by Metro54 and offers perspectives on how contemporary urban arts and culture is intervening in the canon and structure of architecture.

    Architect and designer Afaina de Jong talk about pregnancy and the body of work, as relating to female creativity and informed by reality tv and social media.

    Writer and curator Brendan McGetrick will talk about how his obsession with self-help books informs his creative process and feeds his existential terror.

    Artist Charlie Koolhaas will analyze ‘mom media’ and parenting advice on the internet with regard to the ways in which it attempts to reproduce western capitalist value systems.