Breathing Room For Solidarity 

Metro54 shows up and shows out for Palestine.

In this cultural world where terminologies and concepts are used to side-step/window-dress the everyday struggle, life and death of racialized and marginalized people worldwide, we want to not only speak out but underline that Palestinians deserve to breathe freely. Palestinian(s) children, fathers, mothers, friends, lovers, haters, queer people, elderly, youth, activists and everyday people deserve to live full lives in peace without daily oppression, trauma, horror and death. In simple words this means Free Gaza. Stop the Genocide! We amplify and support Palestinian people in their struggle for transformative justice and liberation.

All our lives are geopolitical.
All our struggles intersect.

Fort Europe cannot silence us, because we are & will be with many. As elder and scholar Ruth Wilson Gilmore said “breathing is a form of being in relation in and with the world, it is exchange, relationality. It is the precondition for sociality and for being in contact with the human and non-human world. Breathing in ‘more than one sense of the word’ refers to this physical, social and ecological process of exchange and relationality without accumulation.”

Breathing is life in rehearsal. To be alive today is to refuse injustice.
We refuse the silence, censorship and erasure that is normalized in #forteu/the West. The Islamophobia, anti-Black racism, settler colonialism and hate towards refugees that our governments impose on us while rightwing movements win elections across #forteu. Witness us witness you.

A gentle reminder to all. This is not a hierarchy of suffering. We also stand ground with Sudan! We keep our eyes on Sudan & pay forward our solidarities to anyone living in a state of (neo)colonial violence, from Palestine to Congo, from Papua New Guinea to Brazil and from Sudan to Afghanistan.

Metro54 hosts a special Breathing Room to centralize solidarity with/ between the different communities in the spirit of the people of Palestine, as well as a homage to the people of Sudan. #freepalestine #keepeyesonsudan.

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Humble <3

Artwork by Pris Roos (1984)

Pris is an artist, teacher, curator, researcher and storyteller. As a child she grew up in the toko of her family who emigrated from Indonesia. For, Pris Roos, the toko symbolizes a space of being together, colours, smells, food, stories and a mixture of people from different backgrounds. The toko is a source of wealth for her art practice. 

As an artist she works with different mediums such as painting, spoken word, video, performance and installation. By listening and observing the people she encounters, she reflects on topics such as identity, migration and memory. 
Works and lives in Rotterdam, NL