Breathing As A Methodology


Breathing as Methodology is a poetic and artistic contemplation focused on everyday realities and speculative futures. The breathlessness of corona patients was symbolically summarized with the slogan I can't breathe, the global mantra of a world in breathlessness. This mantra articulated a collective fear of the pandemic, and interweaves the pandemic with pervasive structures of institutional racism. The symbolizes a lifelong mourning process, mourning for all that we have lost. From the desire to understand this pandemic and current state of the world, in this intersectional program we zoom in on decolonial strategies and rituals. In which we take for granted and privilege to breathe in free contextualize. Breathing as Methodology focuses on the city as a chaotic and non-homogeneous place, with an eye to its colonial wounds and secrets. The program turns to intimate stories and fables, cries of revolt, silence and songs, which emerge from art practices that specifically address the politics of breathing, and thus to life, in relation to social justice. In the program, through experiments, activities, podcasts and conversations, we search for new forms of historiography. Here central are the complex and precarious realities of marginalized communities. The reimagining and dreaming of equal futures in cities such as London, Amsterdam, The Hague, Lisbon and Cape Town, has an important role in this. In what ways do developments within urban art and culture an artistic lifeline in cities and societies where different communities are at odds footing?