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Metro54 presents A Funeral for Street Culture II, a Metro54 takeover @ Framer Framed, Amsterdam.
What do we do when the hype dies? You are welcome to join us for our funeral to say goodbye.

In September 2020 we organized the weeklong weekender A Funeral for Street Culture that took place at our studio SNAP SPEAKEASY. Metro54 and curator Rita Ouรฉdraogo team up again for a second iteration of this ongoing project. For the occasion Metro54, digs deep into the world and sorrows of contemporary street culture, its influencers, shape-shifters and failures by taking over Framer Framed.

For the past decades street culture has been a global mode of cultural expression, rebellion, hijacking โ€“ transforming elements of cultures, art and design. A Funeral for Street Culture echoes the culture produced and owned by the communities from whom it originated. But what happens when the culture and its productions are commodified by brands and institutions? To what extent are these processes of institutionalization and hyper-commercialization a death sentence to street culture? Is there still room for a counterculture when the counter becomes mainstream?

Together with artists, poets, designers, thinkers and hustlers, we will look into these questions and map out how street culture both interweaves and departs from design, performativity, queerness, fashion, activism and cultural appreciation. A Funeral for Street Culture is a critical celebration of street culture and will take the shape of meetings, installations, performances, conversations, mournings and workshops.

With contributions by Kenneth Aidoo, Lydienne Albertoe, Frรฉdรฉrique Albert-Bordenave, Oko Ebombo, Cรฉdric Kouamรฉ, Kiosk Rotterdam, Cengiz Mengรผรง, Narges Mohammedi, Bodil Ouรฉdraogo, JeanPaul Paula, Pillars of Autumn, Pris Roos, Stephen Tayo and many more.

Spatial design by Setareh Noorani & Jelmer Teunissen

Rita Ouรฉdraogo lives and works in Amsterdam. As a curator, writer, Research and Community programmer, her work is informed by her interest in African diaspora, decolonizing institutions, institutional racism, popular culture and social issues. Rita is the guest curator for the ongoing research project A Funeral for Street Culture that takes place online, on the street and at Metro54โ€™s speakeasy in Amsterdam.

Framer Framed
Oranje-Vrijstaatkade 71
1093 KS Amsterdam

Picture: Nos Kultura (2000-2021) by JeanPaul Paula / ยฉ Eva Broekema – Framer Framed