Sonic Lecture 
w/ Ashley Holmes

Join us, on the 6th of July, as we present the first installation of our three-part series, "This Sonic Lecture is A Vibe". This series brings together histories of piracy culture, remix, questions of ownership, and street culture. How does music, sound narrate our histories into the future?

In this a lecture-based DJ set and an open listening session with artist, DJ, and sound designer, Ashley Holmes draws inspiration from the diverse and influential genres that emerged from the African/Black diaspora. Holmes will take you on a sonic voyage that traverses the landscapes of dub, delving into the depths of tempo, multiplicity, spatial arrangement, rhythm, and drawing connections between past and present within broader social contexts.

In addition to the lecture-based DJ set, we invite you to actively participate in our open listening session. Bring your own music and join us in a relaxed and informal setting. With a turntable, mixer, laptop, and aux cable setup at your disposal, you'll have the opportunity to share your favorite tracks, delve into personal memories, and explore the fascinating connections between sound, memory, and oral histories.

Metro54 developed this series of sonic lectures especially for the project, Sonic Intimacies. For this series, Metro54 programmer Thierno Deme invites various artists, DJs, writers, thinkers and organizers. During a series of three live events (digital and/or physical) perspectives, ideas, histories and experiments will animate questions such as: what does it mean to relate to intangible concepts and attitudes such as 'vibe' and 'coolness'? What roles do such (im)material concepts play in cultural and artistic productions and practices? And how come that is expressed within urban arts & culture or society?

🗓️ Date: 06/07/2023
🕒 Time: 19:00-21:00
🏢 Venue: Westerdoksdijk 597

Please rsvp via this link.

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