Breathing In Babylon Weekender: Program

“Come with all your loss, your regrets, sins, memories, black outs, secrets. I’ve never seen anything more beautiful than you.”
― Warsan Shire

Breathing in Babylon Weekender brings together sounds, art, performances, music and conversations that attune to our laughter, losses, love, regrets, memories, chaos, black outs and desire to catch our breath in these times of duress.

We are happy to announce our program for our upcoming Breathing in Babylon weekender: A cypher of beings performances, conversations, workshops, dancing and everyday strategies of breathing. Below you can find all the gatherings. For those who are interested in joining please send an email to and provide your name and the part of the program you would like to join. For those who are interested in either of the club nights you can buy tickets via Kanaal40 (

Thursday 1 December (evening: 7pm-10pm)
Hanging out is Political:
A prelude to the weekend with small surprises, music, drinks and artworks
DJ set by Ike Melchizedek and Empress Donna Lee Messenjah

Friday 2 December (evening: 7.30pm-9pm)
Breathing Room: Hold Your Breath
An evening on rest, transformative justice and privilege
A gathering with conversations and performances by Perry Gits, Mutaleni Nadimi and Marly Pierre-Louis

Friday club night:
  • Bxxmbastic
  • soungou
  • Yung Liberaci

Saturday 3 December
Afternoon program: 2pm - 5pm
Soungou DJ set
Listening session and workshop:
entangled reverberation: breathing possibilities with ina aimé (RSVP)

Ina Aimé appears when Nina Emge (FUBU) and tina omayemi reden (FUBU) get together to speculate on resonating spaces and bodies. Their ongoing sonic conversations - at times experimental, at times spoken, at times dancy -  surround the possibilities within the intersections of listening practices, community spaces and collective histories.

Evening program: 7pm-9pm
Breathing to Transgress:
An evening on music and memories, breath and preserving the collective as well as the selves with performances and conversation with Pelumi Adejumo, Farida Sedoc and Rhoda Tchokokam

Saturday club night:
  • Dey.Rey
  • Chinnamasta
  • Authentically Plastic

Sunday 4 December
Talk by Derica Shields

Daily screening and on show works by Marcel van den Berg ,Tarek Lakhrissi
Christian Nyampeta and Cedric Kouame/Afrodiplomat <3.

Breathing in Babylon is developed in multiple conversations with Hala Namer, Bram Owusu, Rita Ouédraogo & Vincent van Velsen.