Let’s get Free: A Future without Police II
An evening on policing, abolition & transformative justice

Join us for the second public Lets get Free Assembly on Thursday 14 December 2023 at our space at Westerdoksdijk 597. Amidst the further ‘normalization’ of racist and facist violence in the Netherlands, we invite you for, Lets Get Free: A future without Police II. During this evening we continue the conversations on policing, abolition & transformative justice, started in February 2023. In which we dream aloud about other forms of living together, the end of police violence, ethnic profiling and a more just world without police.

Internationally, there are already many movements and practices focusing on this. These strategies from global abolition movements do not automatically translate to the Netherlands. What characterizes the role of the police in the Netherlands? And why do we need to develop alternatives to policing in our neighborhoods and streets? How do we develop them? Abolition is not just about abolishing prisons, police or systems of surveillance and punishment, but more so about what we build in their place.

With contributions from Akwasi, Repelsteeltje, Nawal Mustafa, Mouhammed Anouar Lachnab and more to be announced!
We would like to update our dear readers that the event will be presented in both English and in Dutch.

💥Date: Thursday 14 December 2023
💥Time: 7pm
💥Location: Westerdoksdijk 597
💥Entrance: free 

To RSVP please send an email to rsvp@metro54.nl