An ode to everyday architecture; from the corner shop to the nail salon

September 19 – 21, 2019
Opening Thursday September 19

Metro54 and Concrete Blossom present the three-day program FOR THE CULTURE that reflects on the stories, art, issues and design of everyday architecture and its influence on contemporary street culture and popular culture. Together with designers, artists, neighbors, activists and city makers, Metro54 and Concrete Blossom look into the worlds, creative expressions and narratives that celebrate and critically engage with the relationship between street culture, everyday social life and urbanism.

FOR THE CULTURE reflects on everyday, invisible public places, labs and micro-networks that feed the city with creativity, ingenuity and cultural productions from street culture and popular culture. The program unfolds at informal meeting places such as night shops, barber shops, nail salons, laundromats, and community-centers in Rotterdam West with contributions by: Zeinab Salah (UK), Sharon Jane D, Cedric Kouame (BE), Khalid Amakran, Malique Mohamud, Lydienne Albertoe and Nevill Mitchell. And the hospitality of: Kapsalon Elaine, Barbershop Mixed People, Aktiegroep Oude Westen, Krachtvrouwen and White Elephant.

Join us for the kick-off of our 2019 program and tell are your friends to bring their friends. RSVP by signing up with your e-mail address above.

Re-mix & Re-search: whose cultural appropriation is this?
As a platform, Metro54 closely follows experimental and innovative art, design, fashion, architecture, music and digital expressions. In 2019, Metro 54 organizes a traveling and experimental program Re-mix & Re-search: whose cultural appropriation is this?

Metro54 x Cultural Appropriation
This program investigates the notion of cultural appropriation within contemporary urban arts & culture and how it influences and changes the realities of cultural production.

Other Weekenders
19 Oct - 27 Oct - THIS IS A TAKE OVER: Researching remix @ Dutch Design Week, Eindhoven

21 Nov - 24 Nov - A FUNERAL FOR STREET CULTURE @ Amsterdam Art Week

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